Assured PNT

What is Assured PNT?

Today’s mission-critical defense applications on Land, Air and at Sea depend on Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) information that is accurate and always available. We call this capability Assured PNT (A-PNT).

The large diversity of Land, Air and Sea platforms requiring A-PNT used in today’s defense systems demand unique and tailored solutions which bring together sensors and emerging technologies in novel ways.


Geodetics Assured PNT in Action

Applications range from PNT for stationary or slowly moving platforms such as Aerostats to PNT for high-dynamic aircraft and everything in between. Geodetics’ proven Assured PNT products are designed to provide critical PNT information under demanding conditions.

Examples include:

Aerial Refueling


Antenna Pointing


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Navigation

Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Geodetics’ Assured PNT SAASM & Commercial Products


The Geo-APNT® is an innovative solution for applications that need precise navigation data, as well as accurate time reference.

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The Geo-iNAV® is a high-performance, rugged GPS-aided inertial navigation system available with a wide range of inertial sensors

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High-Accuracy, Real-Time Relative Navigation System for use in applications such as autonomous cars and autonomous aerial refueling and shipboard landing.

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A ruggedized complete hardware solution for embedded computing.

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A power conditioning unit designed to comply with MIL-STD-704F, MIL-STD-1275D and certain MIL-STD-461F requirements.

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Geo-MMS Defense

All of the  industry-leading Geo-MMS capabilities for our Defense customers with heavy-lift U.S. made drones and SAASM/M-Code compliance.

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A rugged, hybrid dual-GPS-aided inertial navigation system which delivers consistent position and attitude using interferometry and inertial sensors

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A rugged dual-GPS heading system for accurate heading data from stationary or slowly moving platforms.  Applications include antenna pointing and stabilization and ISR applications.

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The HGGR is a GPS ACMI Form, Fit, Function Replacement for the GNP-10.  The HGGR is available in both commercial and SAASM variants and can operate with a wide range of POD’s.

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Why Geodetics?

  • Long heritage in aerospace and defense
  • Wide range of proven A-PNT solutions available with both SAASM and Commercial GPS
  • Unique A-PNT solutions for Land, Air and Sea applications
  • Solutions leveraging the best MEMS, FOG and RLG inertial sensors
  • Customizable solutions