Assured-PNT For Land, Air and Sea

Proven. Expansive. Unique.

Why AEVEX Assured PNT

Applications range from PNT for stationary or slowly moving platforms such as Aerostats to PNT for high-dynamic aircraft and everything in between. AEVEX’s proven Assured PNT products are designed to provide critical PNT information under demanding conditions.

  • Long heritage in aerospace and defense
  • Wide range of proven A-PNT solutions available with both SAASM and Commercial GPS
  • Unique A-PNT solutions for Land, Air and Sea applications
  • Solutions leveraging the best MEMS, FOG and RLG inertial sensors
  • Customizable solutions

What is Assured PNT?

Today’s mission-critical defense applications on Land, Air and at Sea depend on Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) information that is accurate and always available. We call this capability Assured PNT (A-PNT).

The large diversity of Land, Air and Sea platforms requiring A-PNT used in today’s defense systems demand unique and tailored solutions which bring together sensors and emerging technologies in novel ways.

Examples include:

Aerial Refueling


Antenna Pointing


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Navigation

Unmanned Ground Vehicles

AEVEX’s Assured PNT SAASM & Commercial Products


The Geo-APNT® is an innovative solution for applications that need precise navigation data, as well as accurate time reference.

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The Geo-iNAV® is a high-performance, rugged GPS-aided inertial navigation system available with a wide range of inertial sensors

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High-Accuracy, Real-Time Relative Navigation System for use in applications such as autonomous cars and autonomous aerial refueling and shipboard landing.

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A power conditioning unit designed to comply with MIL-STD-704F, MIL-STD-1275D and certain MIL-STD-461F requirements.

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Geo-MMS Defense

All of the  industry-leading Geo-MMS capabilities for our Defense customers with heavy-lift U.S. made drones and SAASM/M-Code compliance.

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A rugged, hybrid dual-GPS-aided inertial navigation system which delivers consistent position and attitude using interferometry and inertial sensors

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The HGGR is a GPS ACMI Form, Fit, Function Replacement for the GNP-10.  The HGGR is available in both commercial and SAASM variants and can operate with a wide range of POD’s.

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