Geo-MMS – Drone-Based LiDAR & Photogrammetry Systems

What is Geo-MMS?

Geodetics’ Geo-MMS Mobile Mapping System is a cost-effective modular system for Drone-based Photogrammetry, LiDAR mapping and creation of RGB/multi-spectral colorized LiDAR point clouds.

At the heart of Geo-MMS is Geodetics’ dual-antenna inertial navigation payload integrated with LiDAR, RGB and multi-spectral sensors.  Geodetics’ extensive suite of “one-click” advanced processing software provides a powerful, easy to use toolbox for drone-based mobile mapping.

Geodetics’ Geo-MMS Family of Products


LiDAR Direct-Georeferencing

Fully Integrated LiDAR Drone Mapping Systems With Best Price/Performance Value in the Market. Learn More





GCP-Free Photogrammetry

Geo-Photomap integrates GPS/IMU with RGB/multispectral imagery enabling GCP-free direct-georeferencing with significantly reduced sidelap, resulting in more coverage in less time. Learn More

Photogrammetry with minimum overlap

Provides Image Attitude
(Omega, Phi, Kappa)

Geo-Tagged (EXIF)


Colorized LiDAR Point Clouds

A new capability offered with Geodetics’ Geo-MMS, Point&Pixel integrates LiDAR point clouds with RGB/multispectral imagery resulting in stunning colorized point clouds. Learn More

Aids in LiDAR Point Cloud

Orthomosaic in
Low-Texture Area

Colorized LiDAR
Point Clouds

GeoSpatial Tools

Geodetics offers a full suite of geospatial processing and analysis tools with its Geo-MMS systems.  These tools provide “one-click” data processing for data collected by Geo-MMS products and have no annual software license fees.  Learn More

Photogrammetry with minimum overlap

Provides Image Attitude
(Omega, Phi, Kappa)

Geo-Tagged (EXIF)

Geo-MMS in Action

Integrated Flight Mission Planning

Why Geodetics?

  • No annual software license fees
  • GCP free Photogrammetry
  • Flight mission planning software for Photogrammetry
  • Flight mission planning software for LiDAR
  • Flight mission planning for combined Photogrammetry/LiDAR (Point&Pixel)
  • Dual-antenna interferometer on all systems – higher-accuracy, short calibration, more data in less time
  • Support for RTK and PPK
  • “One Click” PPK processing
  • “One Click” LAS creation
  • Support provided directly from system developers
  • When you buy from Geodetics, you buy directly from the technology developer. If you buy from our competition, you buy from technology resellers