Geo-MMS – Drone-Based LiDAR & Photogrammetry Systems

What is Geo-MMS?

Geodetics’ Geo-MMS Mobile Mapping System is a cost-effective modular system for Drone-based Photogrammetry, LiDAR mapping and creation of RGB/multi-spectral colorized LiDAR point clouds.

At the heart of Geo-MMS is Geodetics’ dual-antenna inertial navigation payload integrated with LiDAR, RGB and multi-spectral sensors.  Geodetics’ extensive suite of “one-click” advanced processing software provides a powerful, easy to use toolbox for drone-based mobile mapping.

Geodetics’ Geo-MMS Family of Products


LiDAR Direct-Georeferencing

Fully Integrated LiDAR Drone Mapping Systems With Best Price/Performance Value in the Market. Learn More



GCP-Free Photogrammetry

Geo-Photomap integrates GPS/IMU with RGB/multispectral imagery enabling GCP-free direct-georeferencing with significantly reduced sidelap, resulting in more coverage in less time. Learn More

Photogrammetry with minimum overlap

Provides Image Attitude
(Omega, Phi, Kappa)

Geo-Tagged (EXIF)


Colorized LiDAR Point Clouds

A new capability offered with Geodetics’ Geo-MMS, Point&Pixel integrates LiDAR point clouds with RGB/multispectral imagery resulting in stunning colorized point clouds. Learn More

Aids in LiDAR Point Cloud

Orthomosaic in
Low-Texture Area

Colorized LiDAR
Point Clouds

GeoSpatial Tools

Geodetics offers a full suite of geospatial processing and analysis tools with its Geo-MMS systems.  These tools provide “one-click” data processing for data collected by Geo-MMS products and have no annual software license fees.  Learn More

Photogrammetry with minimum overlap
Provides Image Attitude
(Omega, Phi, Kappa)
Geo-Tagged (EXIF)

Geo-MMS Success Stories

Learn More About Geo-MMS

Optimizing Base Station Location for Mobile Mapping

A Quick Guide for your Mobile LiDAR or Photogrammetry Mission Base station placement for aerial or ground based mobile mapping projects is one of the most critical factors to consider for successful PPK-RTK processing. Given the number of variables involved in...

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Geo-MMS Used for Railway Drone Inspection

Railway Drones: UAV-LiDAR Applications There has been a growing consensus globally regarding the importance of public transport, including a revival of rail for both public and freight transport after having long been neglected throughout much of the 20th century....

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See Geo-MMS in Action

View Geo-MMS Examples

Geo-Photomap Example #1

Geo-MMS LiDAR Example #1

Point&Pixel Example #1

Geo-Photomap Example #2

Geo-MMS LiDAR Example #2

Point&Pixel Example #2

Integrated Flight Mission Planning

Why Geodetics?

  • No annual software license fees
  • GCP free Photogrammetry
  • Flight mission planning software for Photogrammetry
  • Flight mission planning software for LiDAR
  • Flight mission planning for combined Photogrammetry/LiDAR (Point&Pixel)
  • Dual-antenna interferometer on all systems – higher-accuracy, short calibration, more data in less time
  • Support for RTK and PPK
  • “One Click” PPK processing
  • “One Click” LAS creation
  • Support provided directly from system developers
  • When you buy from Geodetics, you buy directly from the technology developer. If you buy from our competition, you buy from technology resellers