UAV Based LiDAR Mapping

LiDAR and multi-modal imaging solutions for UAV (drone) and mobile mapping applications

A-PNT Defense

Assured Positioning, Navigation & Timing solutions for mission-critical challenges in the air, on land and at sea

Ground Based LiDAR Mapping

High-End Survey-Grade LiDAR + Imagery Capture Mobile Mapping Solution

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AEVEX is the Leader in
Advanced Sensing & Navigation Technology


AEVEX is the go-to provider for Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing (A-PNT) systems and sensor fusion for mobile applications in the air, on land and at sea.

Core competencies include advanced algorithms, Kalman filtering, data and sensor fusion/integration and National Security measures offering cost-efficient solutions tailored to support our clients’ mission critical challenges.

Our A-PNT product capabilities include relative navigation, integrated timing systems and high-speed positioning for manned and autonomous vehicles in aerospace and Defense programs.


AEVEX leverages our proprietary Defense-grade navigation technology and brings it into the commercial mapping space, delivering customized LiDAR and imagery capture solutions for mobile and UAV (drone) applications.

AEVEX’s extensive suite of advanced and intuitive processing software provide a powerful, user-friendly toolbox for precision mobile and drone-based mapping.

Our team of innovators, technical experts and partners are committed to developing customized and turnkey mapping solutions for our partners across the United States and internationally.

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AEVEX Success Stories

“When shopping for a lidar system to meet my business requirements, I needed to find the best system at the best price I could.

With AEVEX, I got that along with exceptional customer service and extremely knowledgeable staff. The system was affordable enough to get me into the lidar market without sacrificing quality of data. Now I am receiving contracts I did not expect to have because of it.”

Seth Simonson

Vice President/COO, Precise Sensing

“The AEVEX system with Velodyne lidar is simple and easy to use, but more important, it is a tough and reliable product. We have been scanning 8 hours a day over 7 months with no issues and no need of maintenance.”

Nicolás González Urrea

CEO, Automapp

“Having Velodyne lidar-based services has allowed Nolte de Mexico to provide accurate and cost-effective survey services on projects that otherwise were not possible! Using a AEVEX lidar UAV system, we successfully completed a 200-acre topographic survey in a highly vegetated, jungle parcel in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, for the design of a bus rapid transit project.”

Tomas Perez-Vargas

CEO, Nolte de Mexico

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