LiDAR Mobile
Mapping Systems


Assured PNT for
Land, Air and Sea

LiDAR Drone

LiDAR Mobile Mapping

Geodetics offers a family of fully integrated LiDAR mapping products offering the best price/performance value in the market.

Assured PNT Solutions

Our precise Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) solutions are designed to address a range of requirements for Air, Sea, and Land, including high-speed pointing/attitude and relative position/angle and timing applications.

Advanced Sensing

As an Advanced Sensing Company, we have a laser focus on the technologies necessary for maintaining precise PNT in the challenging environments of the future, which may not include access to GNSS satellite navigation.

Defense Solutions

We are proud to support our Military with high-accuracy Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing (A-PNT) solutions that meet SAASM GPS and M-Code requirements.

About Geodetics

Geodetics is the go-to provider for LiDAR Drone mapping, Assured PNT and sensor fusion for mobile applications in the air, on land and at sea

Specialists: LiDAR drone mapping, Positioning, Navigation and Timing systems and advanced sensor fusion technologies

Team: Innovators, technical experts and partners focused on making technology accessible to customers with mission critical challenges

Core Competencies: Advanced algorithms, Kalman filtering, data and sensor fusion and national security measures to develop cost efficient products that can be tailored to support our customer’s unique applications

Capabilities: Relative navigation, integrated timing systems, high speed pointing and training for manned and autonomous vehicles in Aerospace & Defense programs and state-of-the-art LIDAR mapping systems for commercial drone operations in both domestic and international markets

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Customized PNT Solutions

If our off-the-shelf solutions do not precisely meet your requirements, our dedicated team of project managers, support staff, scientists, algorithm developers, software, hardware and test engineers stand ready to work with you to precisely meet your application objectives.

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