Leveraging Geodetics Geo-MMS 3D LiDAR Sensor

The traditional management of roads and highway systems is expensive and time consuming for transportation agencies around the world given it involves a full crew equipped with expensive instruments, such as total stations and/or terrestrial laser scanners. Leveraging Drone-mounted LiDAR systems such as Geodetics’ Geo-MMS road mapping LiDAR sensor, data collection and data post-processing tasks are performed far more efficiently, significantly reducing the time and cost it requires to accomplish these tasks.

With the arrival of new technologies like Geodetics’ Geo Mobile Mapping System 3D LiDAR sensor technologies can be used to acquire highly accurate and compact 3D statistics by safely driving a vehicle at road speeds. LiDAR sensors are 3D laser scanners, which provide reliable data for a wide range of mapping, detection and road mapping. While LiDAR-based road mapping is usually associated with ‘Autonomous Car” applications, it is highly suited for drone-mounted road mapping applications.

LiDAR sensor technology uses laser pulses for scanning and measuring the 3D dimension of an object. It projects millions of laser points to the object to measure the reflected scan to accurately map the object being scanned. LiDAR sensor technology accuracy is at the centimeter-level and can be used for various analysis for road and highway management and damage assessment.

Geodetics’ Geo-MMS LIDAR sensor system, shown below (vehicle mounting – left, drone mounting – right), provides highly accurate data consistently and reliably. Geo-MMS LiDAR sensor is designed for easy installation on air or ground vehicles and is ideal for mapping, detection, and measurements.

Geo-MMS LIDAR Sensor System Examples (vehicle mounting – left, drone mounting – right)

Geodetics’ data-processing workflow enables an accurate LiDAR 3D model to be projected in various coordinate frames. This option allows the projection of the LiDAR geo-referenced point clouds on existing 3D CAD models, as demonstrated by our customer utilizing Geo-MMS LiDAR (pictured below).


Road Map taken in South Korea with Geodetics Geo-MMS LiDAR

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