Join us at the International LiDAR Mapping Forum January 28 – 30

Geodetics will be showcasing it’s Geo-MMS (drone based liDAR mobile mapping system) products and technologies at this year’s ILMF in Denver Colorado. With the launch of their Geo-MMS product suite, Geodetics has advanced the state-of-the-art in drone based LiDAR and RGB/multispectral photogrammetry while delivering significant time/cost savings to its users. With the coupling of LiDAR, RGB and Multispectral sensor data Geodetics’ Geo-MMS drone based liDAR products offer the best price/performance available in the market.

Geodetics at ILMF this January in Denver

Throughout 2018 Geodetics has been busy making enhancements to their Geo-MMS drone based mobile product suite with the launch of their new Point&Pixel that offers both liDAR and photogrammetry capabilities along with adding a new navigator, a lighter drone mount along with the implementation of improved sensors to increase their products LiDAR range (200 meters) and enhanced ‘one click’ software processing. Come see what Geodetics has developed and learn about their 2019 product roadmap.

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