Geo-MMS ‘Resolutions’ for the New Year

Welcome to 2019. All of us at Geodetics hope you had a great holiday season and a happy New Year. We are excited about our 2019 mobile liDAR system product roadmap and our New Years’ resolution to expand the scope of capabilities for our Geo-MMS product suite for our customers.


Geodetics Geo MMS Mobile LiDAR System Products

Our customers regularly approach us with new and unique suggestions on how we can enhance our Geo-MMS products.  The two most common recommendations we received in 2018 were lowered pricing and improved ease of data collection/processing.

From the beginning, our Geo-MMS products have always provided the best price/performance option available in the market as we are continuously looking for opportunities to reduce the price of the system even further. In 2019 we promise to continue this trend all while adding enhanced capabilities to the system.

This past year brought a revolutionary change to the Geo-MMS hardware and software with the rollout of our second-generation mobile liDAR system. This system offers an entirely new design taking advantage of all the lessons learned from our first-generation system including advances in hardware and software along with a new sensor support.

The second-generation Geo-MMS system includes our new Geo-MMS Navigator as well as our redesigned drone mounting assembly with a 2-meter GPS boom for precise heading and vehicle mount (shown below).  New sensors include longer range LiDAR (200 meters) and plug-and-play multispectral.  Our commitment to ‘one-click’ software processing expanded with integrated PPK post-processing, LAS generation, image Geo-tagging, Point&Pixel generation and LiDAR/Photogrammetry flight mission planning.

Geodetics Mobile LiDAR System Enhancements

Geodetics Mobile LiDAR System Enhancements

For 2019, we have many new and exciting capabilities/features planned for the Geo-MMS mobile liDAR system.  Stay tuned!!! Stay up to date with our new product features and rollouts by signing up for our newsletter.