LiDAR Drone Training and Customer Service

Geodetics Geo-MMS family of products are in use all over the world. When purchasing a Geodetics mobile mapping system, first class customer service and top-notch drone training are available from Geodetics technical staff. Customer service is an essential element of Geodetics offering, and therefore, Geodetics conducts training sessions to its customers periodically. Regardless of where our customers are located they can count on timely responses and pro-active assistance whenever questions arise. Geodetics customers are able to and encouraged to reach out for technical assistance and consultation on their projects and/or application regardless of time zone. In an effort to be proactive Geodetics provides personalized custom training sessions as well continuously improves its product offerings based on what it learns from its customers.

Geodetics is about providing world class customer service, drone training and products that continue to evolve and change with customer needs. Geodetics training session can be set up for individual and/or group of users, at Geodetics facility in San Diego.

In Geodetics training sessions customers will be guided through the following subjects:

  • Principles of LiDAR and Photogrammetry mobile mapping
  • Flight planning and execution
  • System and drone setup
  • Help Assistance
  • Checklist training
  • Face-to-face application consultation
  • Real-time flight data collection and processing
Geodetics Drone Training Around the World

Geodetics Drone Training Around the World

Geodetics has held several personalized drone training sessions across the world and recommends customers dedicate two days for the training. They offer customized sessions both in person and via video conference.  Whether you are an existing customer looking for training on your device or want to learn more about Geodetics mobile mapping system product suite – request more info today! Geodetics provides the highest quality LiDAR Drone products at the right price.