Combining BIM Modeling with Geo-MMS Products

Another application of the Geo-MMS products is in Building Information Modeling (BIM). GeoBIM is emerging as a game changing strategy to solve contemporary multi-disciplinary challenges in our urban environments. This new tool plays a critical role in processes in construction, asset management, city projects, transportation, green & sustainable buildings, public safety & security, energy, waste, solar exposure, traffic pollution as well as validating whether a proposed built asset meets relevant planning constraints.

Developing a work-flow for GeoBIM integration requires continuous surveying and mapping of the construction project for tracking, modeling, and projecting changes. The key in the process is to have coherent and homogenous geometry, topology and a fixed coordinate frame after each survey. The Geo-MMS family of products are designed to meet these requirements. Geodetics Geo-MMS products can provide a semi-real time solution for mapping, change detection, boundary representation, and stockpile measurement & cut and fill calculation.

Combining BIM Modeling Geo-MMS Point&Pixel

Combining BIM Modeling Geo-MMS Point&Pixel

For a BIM modeling, the first step is to combine Geo-MMS Point&Pixel data processed and classify the features. Next, the classified colorized point clouds can export to commercial software, e.g., Geo-Plus (VisionBIM), as a reference for model creation. The resulting 3D model can then be used for BIM management.

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