The USAOTC Fires Test Directorate, Missile Test Division awarded Geodetics an increase of its firm-fixed-price current contract for real-time enhanced network global positioning systems units which will use the Geodetics’ Epoch-by-Epoch (EBE) technology and software from 1000 to 2000 units.  The positioning units will support the Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT), Increment 1, (Inc.1), Initial Operational Test (IOT) in 2011.

The Under Secretary for Defense memo dated 24 December 2009 directed the size of the 2011 IBCT IOT to more than tripled to approximately 2,100 Government-owned Real Time Casual Engagement (RTCA) units. The government currently owns 454 Real-Time Enhanced Network GPS units otherwise known as TAPETS (The ATEC Player Event Tracking System) produced by Geodetics. The current contract maximum is 1000 units with the active ordering period to end 20 August 2012. The Geodetics’ system was selected for use to support the IOT requirements because it has been successfully used to support previous operational testing and is currently being used in the IBCT Force Development Test and Experimentation (FDTE) and Limited User Test (LUT). In order to meet current mission requirements for this test event, the GPS must be able to provide complete collection, data manipulation, data display and data recording of sub-meter accurate Time, Space and Position information (TSPI) test data. Geodetics units met the mandated Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) Authority to Operate (ATO) on Fort Bliss and WSMR.