RTD-Pro is a unique software solution for continuous monitoring of permanent GPS networks operating dual-frequency receivers.

RTD-Pro provides Precise Instantaneous GPS positioning for the entire network.  This allows robust real-time integrity monitoring and enhanced early warning capabilities. The user can determine the state of the network independently at each instant in time. This “network epoch” is the basic building block of RTD-Pro and the software can easily manipulate sequences of independent network epochs to automatically monitor changes in the state of the network. RTD-Pro controls the GPS receivers, downloads data and converts to RINEX. It analyzes the data, and generates alarms, statistics, reports and more. It carries out a continuous, simultaneous adjustment of the data modeling the dynamic state of the entire network caused by ionosphere, troposphere and other factors.  RTD-Pro provides server/client connectivity for conventional RTK clients with RTCM, CMR and CMR+ messaging.

  • Open system that works with GPS hardware of all major manufacturers
  • Designed for real-time GPS sensor tracking applications
  • Uses Epoch-by-Epoch® processing – no initialization or re-initialization required
  • Centrally controls a network of static GPS receivers
  • Tracks multiple moving objects in a GPS network environment
  • Computes instantaneous positions for all receivers in a network
  • Downloads and archives data with a full suite of communications options
  • Serves conventional RTK applications with RTCM, CMR and CMR+ messaging
  • Supports initialization-free wireless network RTK (“Smart Client”)
  • Supports a wide range of deformation monitoring applications
  • Allows relative positioning between dynamic objects (no static base station required)