SAASM GPS ACMI Form, Fit, Function Replacement for GNP-10

The HGGR is a cost effective Form, Fit and Function drop-in replacement for the GNP-10 offering a high-performance GPS/INS based guidance, navigation and control.  The HGGR SAASM provides the capability with a SAASM GPS sensor.

  • Built-in support for many commonly used IMU’s, including HG-1700 and LN-200 – both AMRAAM and SDLC.
  • High-accuracy position (<2m CEP 50%), velocity (<0.1 m/s), and attitude (<0.05°) 1
  • Provides navigation solutions at arbitrary points of interest and in the local navigation frame (Wander Azimuth). No singularities passing over the South/North poles or crossing over Meridians
  • Flexible mounting and Automatic Attitude Detection
  • Latency compensation
  • Alternative navigation system during GPS-denied or challenging environments (X-INS aided)
  • Compatible message format
  • Complete weight, balance, mass properties, and environmental qualified
  • legacy ACMI POD life extension
  • Guided munitions
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Combat training range instrumentation
  • Target control systems
  • Ground vehicles and helicopters