Man-Worn Tracking System

The Geo-TRX is a fully self-contained real-time network-centric positioning system for precise tracking of dynamic platforms such as dismounted troops and manned or unmanned vehicles.  Geo-TRX offers a TENA compliant, Mil-Spec ruggedized solution that is fully self contained including an internal wireless TDMA radio, data recorder and rechargeable batteries.

  • Size (w/ antennas): 4.1” x 5.3” x 1.5”
  • Weight; < 1.5 lbs. with non-removable and removable batteries installed
  • 8-hour internal, non-removable battery
  • COTS internal removable 48 hour batteries
  • GPS: <2.5 m; up to 4 Hz output rate; trickle-power mode used for SMS; Differential from WAAS
  • Permanently attached, sealed and non-removable GPS and RF antennas
  • Tamper resistance and alert generation if tampered with
  • IP67 On-only button changed to add emergency alert and BIT function
  • LED indicators for emergency and BIT
  • USB (no Ethernet)
  • IP67 I/O connector (USB, External power/charging, MILES TESS/RS232, one discrete I/O line)
  • SDHC logging memory ≥ 4GB