The Geo-Toolbox is a collection of utilities useful for GPS/geodetic related tasks and working with Geodetics products.  The following utilities are included in Geo-Toolbox:

  • Coordinate tool
  • RINEX tool
  • GPS Time Calculator tool
  • I/O Bridge
  • CSVtoKML

Coordinate Tool allows entry of coordinates and view them in different formats

RINEX Tool is provided to perform various operations on RINEX files.

  • Rearrange
  • Extrapolate
  • Obs CSV’s
  • Convert Binary
  • Split
  • Merge
  • Decimate
  • Gap Scan

GPS Time Calculator Tool allows conversion and display of GPS time between three different display formats:

  • GPS date and time (in Month/Day/Year and Hours/Minutes/Seconds)
  • GPS week and seconds of GPS week.
  • Year, day of year and seconds of day

I/O Bridge is a utility that bridges input sources to output sources

CSVtoKML Tool is a utility that operates on RYO CSV files created by Geodetics’ products such as Geo-iNAV®.  The CSV input file is converted to the KML format according to the options selected.  The resulting KML file can be loaded into Google Earth which provides a convenient interface for viewing the data.