The system utilizes a PDA that plugs into a roving GPS receiver and controls the wireless communications link to an RTCM server.

The advantages of Epoch-by-Epoch®over conventional RTK are:

  • No initialization or re-initialization delays to contend with.
  • Positioning can be performed over extended ranges (several 10’s of km) with dual-frequency GPS receivers.
  • Positioning can be performed over short distances (several km’s) with L1 (code and phase) GPS receivers, makeing it ideal for low-cost local solutions.

Geodetics’ RTD software controls the real-time flow of data from a network of continuous GPS sites in Orange County, and serves RTCM data via TCP/IP.

The Geodetics’ PDA software accepts data from the three closest sites, unlike typical RTK systems that can only position themselves with respect to a single reference site.


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